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The Byod Security Risk

The BYOD Security Risk Introduction The presentation of cell phones in the working environment has been on the ascent and there is no denying that these gadgets are changing how organizations work together. This has presented the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device model in the working environment and its turning out to be progressively well known each day. BYOD is a strategy that acknowledges representatives carrying by and by possessed cell phones to their working environment and utilizing them to get to organization information, for example, email, record servers and databases just as their own applications and data.But as information transmissions increment with these gadgets so does the odds of them being hacked and the weight of effectively dealing with the cell phones is laid upon the IT offices. One of the genuine basic issue with BYOD and portable security is the that individuals in IT, consistence and interior review aren't eager to stick their necks out and attempt to authorize their versatile security arrangements or uphold a viable Enterprise Mobility Management arrangement. First Section Title goes hereEnterprise Mobility Management can be depicted as the arrangement of individuals, procedures and innovation concentrated on dealing with the expanding cluster of cell phones, remote systems, and related administrations to empower wide utilization of versatile figuring in a business setting. Endeavor Mobility can be separated into 2 sections Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management. In short Mobile Application Management or MAM is the utilization of secure application to associate workers to Crop information and the application makes sure about the information from different applications on your phone.Mobile Device Management or MDM adopts a concentrated strategy and introduces an application on the cell phone and the product permits you to utilize all your local applications to get to Crop information and email and is overseen from a uni fied server. Both these instances of Enterprise Mobility Management have their own upsides and downsides however give strong answer for the versatile security issues in the working environment. Second Section title goes here With the expanding requirement for cell phones in the working environment and in spite of the fact that ost representatives have humiliated it most IT offices are not prepared to fulfill the security needs a cell phone system can put on an organization. Let’s see this overview where 4,000 representatives in a verity of ventures across 16 nations were studied and half of them utilize their cell phones for work. CIO’s and IT offices need to grasp the BYOD model to help achieve their company’s strategic they need to do it safely. Now the mystery is out BYOD is a main problem and IT divisions need to plan now for a powerful undertaking versatility the executives solution.It’s time to overlook the standard endorsed gadget list, securing co rporate applications, and authorizing cell phone strategy. The danger of a CIO or IT office neglecting to execute an appropriate answer for their cell phone arrange is genuine. It’s time to investigate new plans to adequately deal with a cell phone organize by means of the Enterprise Mobility stage. The intrusion of versatile device’s into the work environment will happen climate industry pioneers need them to or not, and more astute organizations are hoping to send Enterprise Mobility techniques before they are overrun.Third Section title goes here Adapting security and the executives for the new age of cell phones is ending up being an enormous corporate test. The Company Thomson Reuters like numerous organizations is battling to discover which undertaking versatility the executives and security frameworks for their cell phone arrange comprising of for the most part IPads and IPhones. Thomson Reuters has acquainted the BYOD approach with its clients to yet not withou t a marked archive expecting representatives to give up their gadget to IT if essential if identification of careless use.The issue with BYOD is that current IT, consistence and inner reviews divisions need to â€Å"Get With It† and implement their portable security arrangements. The danger of a security penetrate with cell phones is genuine and huge organizations need to acknowledge it and discover the harmony among ease of use and security. Furthermore, it’s not simply enormous organizations and enterprises that are being influenced the BYOD model or the client of cell phones in the work environment. Independent company over the most recent quite a long while and most organizations discovered cell phones useful.But barely any private companies are a where of the significances of a sufficient cell phone the board arrangement. A study was led by CDW of 753 cell phone clients and IT experts from July 2012 to June 2012. The review found that 79% of the private companies sent advanced cells to a portion of their workers yet 67% of IT directors in the overview are new to Enterprise Mobility Management programming. The utilization or information on cell phone the executives is practically non-existent in little businesses.Fourth Section title goes here Not just is the absence of readiness by IT offices an issue in representing a security chance, yet the gadgets and the applications on them represent a security hazard. Bit9 did an exploration study investigating the security consents of Androids 400,000 applications and found more than 100,000 represented a security hazard. 72% of them use in any event one high-chance authorization and 26% access individual information, for example, gps area, email, and contacts information.Even some fundamental applications like backdrop applications request gps information and ought to be a warning to clients. Having these applications on your Android cell phone alongside organization date could be a major issue. Par ticularly since the normal client doesn’t read the data relating to the application their introducing. Fifth Section title goes here Furthermore the cell phones themselves can be lost or taken and if the information isn't encoded it tends to be gotten to. In under two years, from September 22, 2009 through May8, 2011, the U. S.Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) shows that 116 information penetrates of 500 records or more were the immediate aftereffect of the misfortune or robbery of a cell phone, uncovering mutiple. 9 million patients' PHI. Sixty-four percent of doctors own cell phones and 30 percent of doctors have an iPad, with another 28 percent intending to get one inside a half year, as indicated by an ongoing Manhattan Research study. On the off chance that one of these gadgets with quiet data was lost with no kind of big business versatility the executives programming the patient information can be all in all organizations can s et aside cash by letting employee’s purchase their own gadgets, IT offices need to actualize secure, productive approaches to let representatives, contractual workers and visitors access the corporate system, while ensuring information and applications. It adopts a proactive strategy to tackle this BYOD issue and IT divisions need to teach themselves on an undertaking versatility arrangement as cell phones in the work environment is just going to assume a bigger job. Having the option to oversee and make sure about your cell phone system ought to be a need of an IT Department.

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Angels Demons Chapter 64-65 Free Essays

64 Langdon and Vittoria’s taxi finished the one-mile run up the wide Via della Scrofa in a little more than a moment. They slid to a stop on the south side of the Piazza del Popolo not long before eight. Not having any lire, Langdon overpaid the driver in U. We will compose a custom article test on Heavenly attendants Demons Chapter 64-65 or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now S. dollars. He and Vittoria leaped out. The piazza hushed up with the exception of the chuckling of a bunch of local people situated outside the mainstream Rosati Cafe †a problem area of the Italian literati. The breeze possessed an aroma like coffee and cake. Langdon was still in stun over his slip-up at the Pantheon. With a quick look at this square, be that as it may, his intuition was at that point shivering. The piazza appeared to be unobtrusively loaded up with Illuminati importance. In addition to the fact that it was spread out in a consummately circular shape, yet perfectly focused stood a transcending Egyptian monolith †a square mainstay of stone with a particularly pyramidal tip. Crown jewels of Rome’s magnificent pillaging, pillars were dispersed across Rome and alluded to by symbologists as â€Å"Lofty Pyramids† †skyward expansions of the sacrosanct pyramidal structure. As Langdon’s eyes climbed the stone monument, however, his sight was out of nowhere attracted to something different out of sight. Something much increasingly noteworthy. â€Å"We’re in the privilege place,† he said discreetly, feeling an unexpected uncovered attentiveness. â€Å"Have a glance at that.† Langdon highlighted the overwhelming Porta del Popolo †the high stone entrance at the furthest finish of the piazza. The vaulted structure had been ignoring the piazza for quite a long time. Right on target of the archway’s most noteworthy point was an emblematic etching. â€Å"Look familiar?† Vittoria gazed toward the enormous cutting. â€Å"A sparkling star over a triangular heap of stones?† Langdon shook his head. â€Å"A wellspring of Illumination over a pyramid.† Vittoria turned, her eyes unexpectedly wide. â€Å"Like†¦ the Great Seal of the United States?† â€Å"Exactly. The Masonic image on the one-dollar bill.† Vittoria took a full breath and checked the piazza. â€Å"So where’s this damn church?† The Church of Santa Maria del Popolo stood apart like a lost war vessel, to one side at the base of a slope on the southeast corner of the piazza. The eleventh-century stone aerie was made significantly increasingly cumbersome by the pinnacle of platform covering the faã §ade. Langdon’s contemplations were a haze as they hustled toward the structure. He gazed up at the congregation in wonder. Could a homicide truly be going to occur inside? He wished Olivetti would rush. The weapon felt clumsy in his pocket. The church’s front steps were ventaglio †an inviting, bended fan †amusing for this situation since they were obstructed with framework, development gear, and a sign admonition: Construzzione. Non Entrare Langdon understood that a congregation shut for redesign implied complete protection for an executioner. Dislike the Pantheon. No extravagant stunts required here. Just to discover a path in. Vittoria slipped decisively between the sawhorses and headed up the flight of stairs. â€Å"Vittoria,† Langdon advised. â€Å"If he’s still in there†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Vittoria didn't appear to hear. She rose the principle porch to the church’s sole wooden entryway. Langdon rushed up the steps behind her. Before he could state a word she had gotten a handle on the handle and pulled. Langdon held his breath. The entryway didn't move. â€Å"There must be another entrance,† Vittoria said. â€Å"Probably,† Langdon stated, breathing out, â€Å"but Olivetti will be here in a moment. It’s too perilous to even consider going in. We should cover the congregation from around here until †â€Å" Vittoria turned, her eyes bursting. â€Å"If there’s another path in, there’s another exit plan. In the event that this person vanishes, we’re fungito.† Langdon realized enough Italian to realize she was correct. The back street on the correct side of the congregation was squeezed and dull, with high dividers on the two sides. It possessed an aroma like pee †a typical smell in a city where bars dwarfed open rest rooms twenty to one. Langdon and Vittoria rushed into the offensive obscurity. They had gone around fifteen yards down when Vittoria pulled Langdon’s arm and pointed. Langdon saw it as well. Up ahead was an unassuming wooden entryway with substantial pivots. Langdon remembered it as the standard porta sacra †a private passageway for ministry. The greater part of these doorways had left use years prior as infringing structures and constrained land consigned side passageways to badly arranged rear entryways. Vittoria rushed to the entryway. She showed up and gazed down at the door handle, obviously puzzled. Langdon showed up behind her and looked at the particular doughnut molded circle hanging where the door handle ought to have been. â€Å"An annulus,† he murmured. Langdon connected and discreetly lifted the ring in his grasp. He pulled the ring toward him. The installation clicked. Vittoria moved, looking out of nowhere uncomfortable. Discreetly, Langdon turned the ring clockwise. It spun freely 360 degrees, not locks in. Langdon glared and attempted the other heading with a similar outcome. Vittoria looked down the rest of the back street. â€Å"You think there’s another entrance?† Langdon questioned it. Most Renaissance houses of God were planned as stopgap fortifications in the occasion a city was raged. They had as not many doors as could be expected under the circumstances. â€Å"If there is another way in,† he stated, â€Å"it’s likely recessed in the back bastion †a greater amount of a break course than an entrance.† Vittoria was at that point moving. Langdon followed further into the rear entryway. The dividers shot skyward on the two sides of him. Some place a ringer started ringing eight o’clock†¦ Robert Langdon didn't hear Vittoria the first occasion when she called to him. He had eased back at a recolored glass window secured with bars and was attempting to look inside the congregation. â€Å"Robert!† Her voice was a noisy murmur. Langdon turned upward. Vittoria was toward the finish of the rear entryway. She was pointing around the rear of the congregation and waving to him. Langdon ran hesitantly toward her. At the base of the back divider, a stone rampart extended out disguising a thin cave †a sort of packed way cutting legitimately into the establishment of the congregation. â€Å"An entrance?† Vittoria inquired. Langdon gestured. All things considered an exit, yet we won’t get specialized. Vittoria stooped and looked into the passage. â€Å"Let’s check the entryway. Check whether it’s open.† Langdon opened his mouth to question, yet Vittoria grasped his hand and maneuvered him into the opening. â€Å"Wait,† Langdon said. She turned restlessly toward him. Langdon moaned. â€Å"I’ll go first.† Vittoria looked astounded. â€Å"More chivalry?† â€Å"Age before beauty.† â€Å"Was that a compliment?† Langdon grinned and moved past her into the dim. â€Å"Careful on the stairs.† He crawled gradually into the haziness, keeping one hand on the divider. The stone felt sharp on his fingertips. For a moment Langdon reviewed the antiquated fantasy of Daedelus, how the kid kept one hand on the divider as he traveled through the Minotaur’s maze, realizing he was ensured to discover the end on the off chance that he never broke contact with the divider. Langdon pushed ahead, not so much certain he needed to discover the end. The passage limited somewhat, and Langdon eased back his pace. He detected Vittoria not far behind him. As the divider bended left, the passage opened into a crescent niche. Strangely, there was black out light here. In the duskiness Langdon saw the diagram of a substantial wooden entryway. â€Å"Uh oh,† he said. â€Å"Locked?† â€Å"It was.† â€Å"Was?† Vittoria showed up next to him. Langdon pointed. Lit by a pole of light originating from inside, the entryway hung ajar†¦ its pivots fragmented by a destroying bar despite everything held up in the wood. They stood a second peacefully. At that point, in obscurity, Langdon felt Vittoria’s hands on his chest, grabbing, sliding underneath his coat. â€Å"Relax, professor,† she said. â€Å"I’m simply getting the gun.† At that point, inside the Vatican Museums, a team of Swiss Guards spread out every which way. The exhibition hall was dull, and the watchmen wore U.S. Marine issue infrared goggles. The goggles caused everything to seem a scary shade of green. Each watchman wore earphones associated with an antennalike indicator that he waved musically before him †similar gadgets they utilized two times per week to clear for electronic bugs inside the Vatican. They moved efficiently, checking behind sculptures, inside specialties, storage rooms, under furnishings. The reception apparatuses would sound in the event that they identified even the littlest attractive field. Today around evening time, be that as it may, they were getting no readings by any means. 65 The inside of Santa Maria del Popolo was a dinky collapse the diminishing light. It looked more like a half-completed metro station than a house of prayer. The fundamental haven was an obstruction course of destroyed ground surface, block beds, hills of soil, push carts, and even a corroded escavator. Mammoth sections rose through the floor, supporting a vaulted rooftop. Noticeable all around, sediment floated languidly in the quieted shine of the recolored glass. Langdon remained with Vittoria underneath a rambling Pinturicchio fresco and examined the gutted holy place. Not all that much. Dead quiet. Vittoria held the firearm out before her with two hands. Langdon checked his watch: 8:04 P.M. We’re insane to be in here, he thought. It’s excessively hazardous. Still he knew whether the executioner were inside, the man could leave through any entryway he needed, making a one-weapon outside stakeout absolutely unproductive. Getting him inside was the main way†¦ that was, in the event that he was even still here. Langdon felt blame ridden over the screw up that had cost everybody their cha

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Essay Examples And Answers Are a Useful Way to Make an Effective College Or University Essay

Essay Examples And Answers Are a Useful Way to Make an Effective College Or University EssayMany students who are planning to write a college or university essay will find the essay examples and answers available on a number of websites on the internet. These sites provide many sample essays and even give answers to some questions that are often asked. The problems that students face while writing their own essay are varied and can be quite daunting for them. To help overcome these difficulties, the following article discusses the ways that an essay can be made more effective by making use of the right essay examples and answers.It is important that an essay will address the true facts of a matter or question. Students who want to be successful in essay writing will need to ensure that they use the appropriate context in order to address the true facts in a certain issue. Essay examples and answers are helpful because they provide different perspectives on the same subject matter, wh ich allows students to get a wider perspective of the topic at hand.Using several essays and writing sample is helpful because it allows students to try out different perspectives on a given subject matter. When they write several essays, they will be able to see the impact of various topics on the way in which they are written and read. They will also be able to gain an understanding of what areas in their essay need to be addressed and which ones need to be ignored.Another advantage of using essay samples and answers is that they provide them with a sense of accomplishment after completing the entire assignment. Students will be able to see that they have used different means of addressing different parts of a subject matter, but with the same end result in mind. Writing essays can be very frustrating when students do not get the best out of their ability to write them.Additionally, writing essays is one of the hardest things to do because essay samples and answers to allow studen ts to see how the same topics are addressed from different angles. This gives them a better understanding of the way in which they should approach writing an essay. The same principles apply to writing essays as well. Students who work on several essays will be better able to tackle any essays that they take on.In addition to being able to read different perspectives, students will also be able to write essays using the correct format in order to have a very high chance of getting their essays accepted. The first thing that students must do when they take on a college or university assignment is to ensure that they are properly addressing the facts of the assignment. The way in which they address the facts is crucial to whether or not they will be accepted into the school. This is why essays written by students with a greater understanding of the laws and precedents involved in the issues will be accepted more often than those written by students who do not understand the law proper ly.Of course, there are many advantages to using essay samples and answers and that is why they are such a popular choice. Students should feel that they have been given more than enough options in order to write an essay. They will also find that they will be more comfortable with writing essays than they might otherwise be.Students can choose to write an essay based on the information provided by essay samples and answers. They can use these papers as a way to learn about the topic at hand, gain an understanding of how the topic should be written, and as a way to determine how they should address certain aspects of the subject matter. Students should also be careful to look at the same sample essay and answer that they would be given during the actual writing process to see how they fare in the essay writing process.

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Essay on Omega, Inc. Case Study - 2395 Words

Abstract This paper presents a case study regarding Omega Inc., which has a contract sales force for its products. The contractors are employed by independently operated franchised dealers and do not work directly for Omega. Recently, Omega provided a training program for the sales force designed to improve sales performance and the franchisees instituted a performance management system to measure goal accomplishment. There are six primary steps in a performance management system and this paper will review five of the six steps as each relates to the subsequent step. Prerequisites to Planning The lack of success at Omega, Inc. rested in the hands of an incompetent sales staff who were not informed of the company’s mission†¦show more content†¦Omega agreed to partially fund and support initial training. Typically, this proves to be a major challenge for a company as often times when a new program is implemented, it is communicated companywide and there stands the chance of mis-interpretation or mis-connection of the intent. If there is a lack of clarity regarding where the organization must go, or the relationship between the organization’s mission and strategies and the unit’s mission and strategies is ambiguous, then there will be a lack of precision regarding what each employee must achieve in order to help the organization succeed. From a job analysis, we obtain information regarding the tasks to be carried out and the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a particular job (Aguinis, 2007). In the case of th e sales representatives of Omega, their skill level and knowledge varied, many of them extended little effort beyond taking orders and they were not motivated to make additional sales. Knowledge includes having the information needed to perform the work, but not necessarily having done it. Skills refer to required attributes that are usually acquired by having performed the work in the past. Ability refers to having the physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological aptitude to perform the work, but neither having done it nor having be trained to do the work is required ( Clifford, 1994). Omega canShow MoreRelated The Paradoxical Twins Essay1608 Words   |  7 PagesThe Paradoxical Twins The Paradoxical Twins case study give an opportunity to evaluate from different angles the organization and structure of a business. Exposure of a complex behavior to different environments, circumstances, personal social relationships, the two companies Acme Omega electronics considered on this case study used to have the same organizational structure, under different management. Since they were sold to different investors, as a consequenceRead MoreOrganizational Variables : Acme Electronics3348 Words   |  14 Pagesorganizational chart of Acme it is clear that there is a high degree of differentiation. †¢ Support function - e.g. purchasing †¢ Production function - e.g. drafting, production and engineers †¢ Managerial function - e.g. (vice) president and manager. The case does not provide enough information to establish with certainty if the maintenance and adaptive function are present in the organization, but it can be assumed that they are in the form of the engineers. The manager received the blue print and sentRead MoreBusiness Practices : Omega Consolidated Industries ( Oci )940 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance its operations by developing its business practices on a global scale, which often requires building additional facilities to effectively serve its customers. Omega Consolidated Industries (OCI) is a worldwide corporation who has plans of constructing a new manufacturing facility in China. Faced with a construction completion timeframe of two years - from start to finish - the OCI president formed a well-rounded team to head the project. The newlyRead MoreThe Lack Of Success At Omega, Inc.2246 Words   |  9 Pages The lack of success at Omega, Inc. rested in the hands of an incompetent sales staff who were not informed of the company’s mission statement and goals. The staff received limited training on the jobs they were to perform. Omega was faced with the challenge of getting the employees to achieve their sales quotas. According to (Aguinis, 2007), â€Å"There are two important prerequisites required before a performance management system is implemented: knowledge of the organization’s mission and strategicRead MorePlaza Inn Essays1169 Words   |  5 PagesCourse Number: 93.362 5. Course Title: Organizational Design 6. Credit Hours: 3 7. Prerequisites: 93.344, Principles of Management 8. Catalog Description: This course discusses the difference between micro and macro perspectives in the study of organization and provides a macro view in which the organization is the unit of analysis instead of individual members. The course provides students with an in depth understanding of how organizations are formed and how external as well as internalRead MoreCC Grocery Stores2670 Words   |  11 PagesMGMT 5083 Analysis and Design of Organization Case Questions Chapter 1 - S-S TECHNOLOGIES INC. OBJECTIVES 1. To acquaint students with the case analysis method. 2. To observe structural and contextual variables in an organizational situation. 3. To redesign an ongoing organization. 4. To develop organizational structure for innovative employees. Like the Xerox case which opens Chapter 1, this case can serve as a point of reflection throughout the semester. More advancedRead MoreSummaries of Images of Organizations4765 Words   |  20 PagesFor instance, a car engine would consist of different parts such the alternator, cylinders, injection system, spark plugs e.t.c , working together to achieve movement of the whole vehicle from one place to another. This scenario is similar in the case of Mcdonalds. The employees are divided into different stations to perform different tasks with the aim of achieving a common goal such of satisfying their customers’ needs. * The staff of Mcdonald’s have standard procedures that have been setRead MoreSummaries of Images of Organizations4754 Words   |  20 PagesFor instance, a car engine would consist of different parts such the alternator, cylinders, injection system, spark plugs e.t.c , working together to achieve movement of the whole vehicle from one place to another. This scenario is similar in the case of Mcdonalds. The employees are divided into different stations to perform different tasks with the aim of achieving a common goal such of satisfying their customers’ needs. * The staff of Mcdonald’s have standard procedures that have been setRead MoreCase Studies from Gareth Jone - Ob8052 Words   |  33 PagesCase 14 â€Å"Ramrod† Stockwell Teaching Notes Copyright  © Gareth R. Jones, 1994 Synopsis This case considers conflict and politics in organizational settings. Ramsey â€Å"‘Ramrod† Stockwell, vice  president for Production at Benson Metals, is becoming very uncooperative and difficult. Ramrod is having frequent run-ins with sales, who are exasperated with his uncooperativeness and refusal to supply them with reliable information concerning delivery dates, and production scheduling. MostRead MoreWhy Cattle Should Be Banned1477 Words   |  6 Pagescut the cost of antibiotics used and the decrease of dangerous pathogens found in the cattle’s stomachs, which in turn leads to cleaner food and less sick people. â€Å"Grass feeding results in far lower levels of saturated fat and high levels of both omega-3 fatty acids (more commonly found in fish, and thought to help prevent heart disease) and the newest darling of the nutritional world--CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), polyunsaturated fat that may help prevent cancer.† (Corby Kummer). As resea rch has

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids - 1324 Words

When it comes to the topic of violent media, some of us would readily agree it’s a controversial subject as to whether kids should or shouldn’t be exposed to it. This is because many children who view violent media react negatively rather than not being affected at all. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what effects does it have on children. Whereas some are convinced that it is a healthy alternative for kids to express themselves, others maintain that it causes kids to become more aggressive and contributes to juvenile crimes. Common sense seems to dictate that, because the media today primarily focuses on portraying acts of aggression and violence, it has been seen that young children often mirror and imitate such actions. In the book Contemporary Classic Arguments, Psychologist Melanie Moore and comic author Gerard Jones write an article titled, â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† and examine this relationship between violent media and its effects on children. They state, â€Å"For the past three years she and I have been studying the ways in which children use violent stories to meet their emotional and developmental needs- and the ways in which adults can help them use those stories healthily.†(Jones pg.78) The essence of Moore and Gerald’s argument is that kids need this type of entertainment to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it make children vigorous but it also helps them develop: emotionally, intellectually, socially, andShow MoreRelatedViolent Media Is Good For Kids1193 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† is an article which makes many claims to support the argument that a controlled amount of violence could be good for a developing child. Even though this article is controversial the claims serve to support the argument. Throughout the analyzing process logos, ethos, and pathos are searched for and scrutinized. The rhetorical strategies are what makes a paper effective or not. In this case the author uses, what I believe, is just the correct amount of each and fulfillsRead MoreViolent Media Is Good for Kids964 Words   |  4 PagesViolence in media is healthy and beneficial for children—or so claims Gerard Jones, author of â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids†. It is undeniable that the title of Jones’s essay is straightforward and aptly named, if not confidently bold. But while his claim may boast confidence, it lacks credibility. Jones does do a great job introducing his controversial claim by using passion, persuasion, and personal experience. However, his insufficient evidence and fallacious reasoning fail to supportRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids962 Words   |  4 PagesGerard Jones’s â€Å" Violent Media Is Good For Kids,† violent media indeed has a remarkable influence upon the minds and general growth patterns of children. Jones argues that violent media can actually have positive effects on young people. Violent media can help people conquer their fear and make them courageous. Jones argument is very effective and convincing because he gives good examples of the positives that violent media has done notRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids909 Words   |  4 PagesBarbarically inspiring Violent media; a strikingly relevant phenomenon millions are becoming captivated by. It’s everywhere you go, on your phone, the TV or on the computer. As much as people try to avoid it, they soon realize it’s ineluctable. Gerard Jones, a comic-book author, released a brief report, â€Å"Violent Media Is Good for Kids† that argued violent media is not only beneficial to children but also inspiring. He goes on to support his claim by sampling his own personal experiences. HoweverRead MoreViolent Media Is Good for Kids Essay942 Words   |  4 PagesViolent Media is Good for Kids Analysis From infancy onward, parents and teachers have drilled into the young generation that violence should be avoided at all costs. They have preached cooperation, tolerance, and â€Å"using one’s words† as tactics to combat difficult situations. Although those lessons are valid, Gerald Jones claims there is an alternative way. In his essay, â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids,† Jones argues that â€Å"creative violence- bonking cartoons, bloody videogames, toy guns-givesRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids Essay1083 Words   |  5 PagesViolent Comics Are the New Superheroes In the writing of Gerard Jones â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† is very interesting essay in which he describes how violent media can help kids to overcome obstacles, but whether it is convincing or not, I am not truly sure because the way the essay is written is biased. Jones as writer is making this controversial topic to gain more audience to read his writings, in addition, this essay fails in detail, it needs more statistics to support the examples thatRead MoreEssay on Violent Media...Good for Kids? 970 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† Gerard Jones introduces us to his fearful and lonesome childhood. He lived in a world where he was taught to be the violence fearing, and passive boy his parents wanted him to be. But, when one of his mother’s students gave him a Marvel comic book, his fearfulness was transformed into inspiration. He found a way to escape these discouraging feelings through the â€Å"stifled rage and desir e for power† (Jones 285) that he had newly found. The popular comic book heroRead MoreEssay about Violent Media Is Good for Kids1069 Words   |  5 PagesVIOLENT MEDIA IS GOOD FOR KIDS By Gerard Jones In our class book Practical Argument, I chose â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† by Gerard Joneson page 36. In this article Jones states and tries to prove that violent media is undeniably good for children. He challenges this by saying what he believes also how he grew up too passive because he was sheltered from the media. Upon hearing that the media has lofty messages of pacifism and tolerance (par.2), his mother had borrowed some comics for himRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones864 Words   |  4 PagesIn the article, â€Å"Violent Media Is Good for Kids†, the author, Gerard Jones, begins by providing background information about himself. As a child, Jones was taught that violence was wrong, and as he grew up, he learned that violent comics and stories aided him to become an action movies and comic book writer. In his article, the author addresses why violent media are good for children. He points out that it helps them transform better soci ally, explore and conquer their feelings, and improves self-knowledgeRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones972 Words   |  4 PagesMother Jones, an American independent news organization, published the essay, â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† by Gerard Jones on June 28, 2000. In this article, Jones, a comic book writer, argues that violent media can have positive effects on children’s behavior. In fact, he asserts that â€Å"superhero stories helps kids negotiate the conflicts between the inner self and the public self† (60). Even though Jones’s thesis, refutation, and the conclusion are strong to support his argument, his evidence

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Is College Worth It Secondary Education Is What We Are

Is college worth it? Secondary education is what we are told to do. Knowledge is a valuable asset to have but we try to achieve it mostly because that is the option we decide to choose. Whether it was our own or it was influenced by family or professors. But the question I want college and incoming college students to think about is, are we really going to be out in four years, especially if we have other variables that conflict with our goal. And sadly the answer is no because there is a low amount of students who actually complete in four years the majority in five or six. So, are we really just told what we want to hear? What stood out to me in the article by Lang,K. was that one of the students who shared her story said that five is†¦show more content†¦Some are actually similar to the variables of the article â€Å"College in four years not that common anymore†. So, the first was institutional financial aid, and second was â€Å"real tuition cost†. Third is instructional expenditures per full time equivalent student, and fourth was student factuality ratio. The fifth one was the average GPA of the incoming class. For both articles money is the most important factor that determines graduation rate. â€Å"80 CCCU (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities) institutions indicated that 48.6% of the variation in four-year graduation rated could be explain by the model, after adjusting the sample size†(To Dream). It is interesting to know that this article was done to help families select what is best to achieve four year graduation. This article also separated the seventeen performance indicators that they found and split them into tree groups: faith-related,financial, and institutional. Faith related variables are curfews, chapel-attendance requirements, required religion courses, and religion affiliations. Financial factors cause stress, â€Å"Tinto(1993) notes that financial constraints influence persistence†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (To Dream). Since students need money to continue education many get loans and go for grants and discounts offered. For Institutional factor it is important for faculty and students to interact and also how they spend the money students pay. â€Å"Specifically, prior studies have associated general expenditures perShow MoreRelatedIs Higher Education Necessary?1193 Words   |  5 Pagessaid that college is the next step to a bigger future after high school. So many people look forward to the fun, the new experiences, the new people, and the new life. College is sometimes a getaway for that bullied student or a safe haven for that scientific nerd, but where do these people end up after college? A college education is not a decision for everyone, as several students graduate with a huge amount of student debt and qualified job opportunities. Do they even complete it? Secondary institutionsRead MoreEssay on Value of Higher Education626 Words   |  3 Pagesidea that reading opens your mind up to new worlds. Such can be the same with a higher education. Education is a way to develop mentally and morally. Often we think about the financial benefit of a college degree. But what about things obtained that do not have a monetary value? There are things that we gain through the experience of college that otherwise, we may not. When you decide to attend college, you often have an idea of a field of study that you would like to follow. This is somethingRead MoreIs College Worth A Education?1140 Words   |  5 PagesIs college worth attending? Many graduating students are leaving college today with enormous amounts of student’s loans debt. Sometimes they do not obtain the college degree that they were going to school for. Today many induvial believe that getting a good education is the key to success in our society. There are issues that challenge the notion of higher education being worth its price. While in college, many students suffer stress from all the school work and responsibilities that is requiredRead MoreCollege Is A Waste Of Time And Money853 Words   |  4 PagesYork, interviewed 300 college students at random and 200 of them didn’t think that the education they were getting was worth the effort.† (Bird 220). The idea of continuing education after graduating high school ca n be very questionable for some students. Many students side with Caroline Bird and her theory that education serves very little purpose in the job market in her essay â€Å"College Is a Waste of Time and Money†. But inevitably, students believe that post-secondary education is beneficial in theirRead MoreGraduation Speech Over College Education Essay1686 Words   |  7 Pagesbeen a great deal of debate over college education and it’s worth to society and the students who is currently contemplating where they should go or not. In addition, the question of cost, and just how expensive college has become over the last decade has come to attention. It is clear that Americans and important figureheads have argued over whether the benefits of attending college outweigh the benefits of just high school diploma or another type of post-secondary schooling. There are many validRead MoreValue of Education1441 Words   |  6 PagesValue of Education In his essay â€Å"Is College Worth the Money?†, Daniel S. Cheever, Jr. contends that, â€Å"The real question is whether students are getting their money’s worth† (102). He emphasizes the value of education and not only the cost. Higher education is the focus of Cheever’s essay, but I believe the same question of worth can be asked concerning elementary through high school education as well. Both public and private schools offer distinctive educational opportunities and each individualRead MoreIs Higher Education Worth The Cash?1601 Words   |  7 PagesHigher Education Worth the Cash? In Marty Nemko’s article, â€Å"We Send Too Many Students to College,† he analyzes and questions whether college is truly worth the money. Marty â€Å"holds a Ph.D. specializing in the evaluation of education from the University of California, Berkeley, and subsequently taught there† ( as well as published seven successful books. Two of the books he wrote were associated with college focused on interesting careers to choose, as well as an all in one college guideRead MoreIs A College Education Worth It?1443 Words   |  6 PagesMarch 2016 Is a College Education Worth It? Is the American dream just a dream?The worth of a college education is arguably one of the most controversial topics in the country. Over the years, the American education system seems to emphasize and underline the importance of college education. The reality of the situation is that a college education can be appreciated through looking at the statistical numbers of people that have enrolled in to college education. A college education is valued becauseRead MoreIs A College Education Worth It?1018 Words   |  5 PagesIn today’s society, the idea of receiving a college education has been pondered quite a bit as to whether or not it is actually worth it. According to Michelle Adam, many people â€Å"†¦today believe that getting a good education is key to success in our society, this revealed surprising issues that challenge the notion of higher education being worth its price tag† (59). Naturally, many high school graduates apply for college right before or after graduation. Others decide to go into the work force, armedRead MoreA School Program917 Words   |  4 Pagesprofessional education, life will sum to disappointment. The level headed discussion about the estimation of a school instruction is heightening, with an expanding number of individuals, disappointed with their experience. In the most recent decade educational cost expenses ascended by 42% and graduates can now hope to pay upwards of $100,000 for a four-year program. On the off chance that you can t bear the cost of it you ought to apply for a few grants, alongside enhancing in secondary school day

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Sustainability in Marketing

Question: Describe about the topic Sustainability in Marketing? Answer: Introduction Sustainability in marketing or sustainable marketing is the process in which the companies take the initiative to endorse or promote goods which are safe ecologically and advertising a companys commitment towards eco-friendly products. In this of marketing, a company tries to benefit from the greater significance that the consumers put on a particular product which is eco-friendly, so that the company can restructure their investment for the manufacturing of the same product. Literature Review As studied by Lee Lam (2012), the escalating interest of people in the conservation of energy and ecosystem has led companies to alter their strategies and reorganize accordingly. They have to rethink on how to position them in the market. A company needs to redesign its work processes towards developing a product according to the environmental issues. Today, it is found that consumers go for products which are eco-friendly and thus companies are adopting sustainable marketing in which the products are modified and packed in a way which does not affect the environment or disturbs the ecosystem. The companies redesign their product and give them a green image so as to attract consumers and make a strong customer base; this also depicts the companys social responsibility. This strategy helps the company to keep the price at a relatively higher rate because consumers prefer green and eco-friendly products. Here, the objective is to examine the sustainability of the industrial marketing . The goal is to analyze the operations which are related to the recycling of products and materials which is also known as reverse logistics, to find out what are the problems faced daily and to examine the origin of such problems. Now to solve these problems, certain recommendations are given to improve the performance and effectiveness of reverse logistics. The importance of the article is to see how green marketing is having an effect on sustainable operations management. Due to green marketing consumers are getting inclined towards products which are eco-friendly so the companies try to ensure that sustainability is achieved by enhancing the efficiency of the operations by reducing the time, costs maintaining the margin of profit and attaining the objectives of the business. Thus, companies are trying to retain their customers through sustainable marketing by altering the business processes as per customer wants (Lee Lam, 2012). According to Pomering (2014), a marketing planning structure is developed which will be an aid to the managers to focus on the sustainability issues in their process of decision making. A Sustainability Marketing Model is suggested flows through the marketing planning process. This framework shows a matrix which has four decisive fields to the conventional marketing mix- Physical Evidence, Process, Participants and Partnership which represents on the three pillars of Triple Bottom Line or Sustainable Development- Planet, People and Profit. This model is formulated so that the managers review if there is a sustainable effect of their decisions (Pomering, 2014). The theory of sustainable development is that our future generations must not compromise for the actions of the present generations. Sustainability Marketing Model is a methodical structure that gives the managers an opportunity to consider the sustainable consequences of the demand and supply side decisions taken. The model en sures that the sustainable development issues are put into strategic process of planning which eventually cascades to operational processes. This particular model is joined relevantly with the traditional model of marketing mix is than cross-referred with the Triple Bottom Line Model which forms the Sustainable Marketing Matrix. The positioning of a company is well affected by sustainability. The matrix does not deliver ambiguity and provides complete review of the operational decisions that may have an impact on outcomes and decrease harmful results. According to Connelly, Ketchen Slaters (2010) article, it can see that sustainability is providing a great future in market research through some important company hypothesis. Mainly it is seen that the suggestions offered by sustainability are transaction cost economics, agency theory, population ecology, resource dependency theory, the resource-based view of the firm, upper echelons theory, social network theory and signaling theory. It is seen that how this theories are helping the researchers to follow the paths that the firms can establish themselves in sustainability marketing and different practices of business so that it can develop our observations or views that will appear from concurrent tests of interdependent theoretical prospects (Connelly, Ketchen Slater, 2010). According to Hult (2010), sustainability is growing and it is been conceptualized by eminent persons and experimented by managers. With the increasing focus on sustainability efforts marketing holds a distinctive place within the customers to keep their relationship intact. Organizations tries to achieve the market-based sustainability to a certain extent that they can keep up to the customer needs for that they modifies in their products according to the needs of their purchaser. In the present scenario stakeholders keeps in their account that the products they are bringing in the market are easily acceptable by the consumers and for that they are using eco-friendly materials to manufacture their products. As todays consumers are more keen towards those products which are made from natures by product. These types of ideas by the company are helping the consumers to choose an eco-friendly product which does not harm our environment (Hult, 2010). In todays market stakeholders are int roducing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to maintain their sustainability in their market. Triple bottom line is one of the theories of CSR which is focusing the customers. The main three pillars of Triple bottom line is People, Planet and Profit. Now customers are very much into using eco- friendly products. The company s are making their product not only looking into their profits but also to the customer needs so that it improves the well-being of the society and consumers. As mentioned by Dam Apeldoorn (2015), in marketing Sustainability plays an important role in economic development .To improve the relationship between marketing and natural environment the efforts of societal marketing and green marketing is used. Sustainability development has been defined as meets the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Green Marketing gives importance to the push and pull-strategy of the market. It is easily acceptable by the consumers due to its environmental friendliness. It is covering a huge range of the market by the production of the product, its modification and also its packaging and advertising plays an important role in the present market. Societal marketing not only looks into the profit of the product but it also sees that how that product is making an impact in the society. Societal marketing also keeps their focus on the customer needs. According to the customer needs they develo p their product keeping their profit intact (Dam Apeldoorn, 2015). Conclusion Sustainability in marketing is required for the companies because it offers a company to be different from its competitors and also help in increasing profits. Researchers can know about sustainability in marketing through nine significant theories which helps them know a firms business practices. A company tries to bring out a product which satisfies the wants of the consumers, an eco-friendly product which does not harm the environment and the society. The company also stays in profit by manufacturing such sustainable products keeping the prices of the product high because the consumers now prefer such environmentally safe. Sustainable marketing puts efforts on green marketing and societal marketing. It also helps in reverse logistics in industrial marketing, finding out what the problem is and the cause of the problems. Sustainability in marketing can be broadly explained through Sustainability Marketing Matrix, which shows a companys decision making ability in operations and prov ide positive results. Thus we see that sustainability in marketing a can be achieved through repositioning and making changes according to the needs of the consumers without affecting the environment and the eco system. Reference List Connelly, B., Ketchen, D., Slater, S. (2010). Toward a theoretical toolbox for sustainability research in marketing.Journal Of The Academy Of Marketing Science,39(1), 86-100. doi:10.1007/s11747-010-0199-0 Dam, Y., Apeldoorn, P. (2015). sustainable marketing.Journal Of Macromarketing, 46-52. Hult, G. (2010). Market-focused sustainability: market orientation plus!.Journal Of The Academy Of Marketing Science,39(1), 1-6. doi:10.1007/s11747-010-0223-4 Lee, C., Lam, J. (2012). Managing reverse logistics to enhance sustainability of industrial marketing.Industrial Marketing Management,41(4), 589-598. doi:10.1016/j.indmarman.2012.04.006 Pomering, A. (2014). Strategic marketing sustainability: from a marketing mix to a marketing matrix.Being Practical With Theory: A Window Into Business Research,3(2), 80-86.